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Follow These 5 Tips for Hurricane Proofing Your HVAC System

June 15, 2021

Every resident in Long Key, FL, knows the real risk hurricanes pose every year. While you may think about preparing your hurricane kit and boarding up your windows, don’t forget about your HVAC system. Follow these five tips to ensure your HVAC system is ready before the storms hit this summer.

1. Elevate and Cover Your Condensing Unit

When you install an air conditioning system, consider elevating your outside condensing unit. This prevents damage from the flooding that commonly accompanies major storms. Hire an HVAC professional if you need to raise an existing unit to avoid damaging your refrigerant lines.

Before the storm arrives, consider covering your condensing unit with a tarp or an air conditioner cover. This helps protect it from driving, damaging rain and wind. Just be sure to uncover the unit before you attempt to turn the system back on.

2. Go Cold Right Before the Storm

Every storm carries a high risk of power outages. Consider running your air conditioner colder than normal just before the storm arrives. This will help keep your home a little more comfortable if you lose power.

3. Turn Off the Power

Hurricanes and tropical storms bring with them a lot of lightning and the risk of damaging power surges. Once your home is sufficiently cooled, kill the power to your AC system at the breaker. This helps minimize the risk of system damage due to power surges, including those that occur when crews restore your power.

4. Clean Up Debris

Remove any loose debris from around your yard, including branches, lawn furniture, or anything else the wind could pick up and hurl. This will protect your home and vehicles from flying debris and reduce the risk to your condensing unit.

5. Schedule a Post-Storm Tune-Up

Once the storm has passed, consider scheduling a post-storm tune-up, even if your system doesn’t appear damaged. This allows a technician to evaluate your system and check for unseen damage like a refrigerant leak.

Do what you can to prevent damage to your system before the hurricane hits. Then call our experts at Houston Air for post-storm HVAC maintenance to keep you cool the rest of the season.

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