Ductless Mini-Split Installation and Repair Services Available in Tavernier, Marathon, FL and Surrounding Florida Keys

Ductless Wall Mounted Unit

Not all homeowners can install forced-air systems that push temperate air through a series of ducts. However, they can stay just as cool in the summer and just as warm in the winter with ductless air conditioning. Contact Houston Air to learn more about our ductless AC services.

What is Ductless Air Conditioning?

Ductless air conditioning (also called ductless mini-splits) is an alternative option to heat or cool your home. It uses a wall-mounted indoor unit that connects to an outdoor unit, but there is no ductwork involved. Ductless mini-splits are ideal for only cooling a small space – like a one-room apartment. You may have encountered ductless AC when staying in some hotels or guesthouses.

What Kind of Homes Can Benefit from Ductless AC?

Ductless air conditioning is a highly flexible cooling system. There are multiple scenarios where it would be a better option over a traditional forced-air HVAC system. A few examples of homes that can use ductless AC include:

  • Historic homes that never had a forced-air system installed.
  • Small sheds or backyard guesthouses with only a few rooms.
  • Houses with a forced-air system that have extensions like a furnished basement, attic or garage.

Ductless air conditioning isn’t a replacement for a traditional HVAC system in any home. This option is meant to cool only one room, which means ductless AC can get expensive if you want one in every room of your house.

How Does Ductless AC Work?

There are two parts to a ductless AC system: the indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit pulls warm air over cool evaporator coils. This is similar to how a traditional forced-air system works. However, the cool air is immediately pushed into the room with a ductless system instead of traveling through a series of ducts. The outdoor unit dumps the heat that was pulled from the inside, removing it from your home entirely.

While a forced-air system uses a wall-mounted thermostat to control the system, many ductless AC systems use remote controls. Homeowners and guests can turn on the system and set the desired temperature for the system to maintain inside the house.

Ask Us About a Ductless Mini-Split AC Installation

If you have a room or guesthouse that could benefit from a ductless air conditioning system, call Houston Air. We are happy to offer a consultation on the space and install a system if it’s right for you. We provide a five-year labor warranty with every ductless mini-split installation – no excuses. Our technicians can also repair and maintain your ductless cooling systems.

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